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I work with adults and teenagers

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Be yourself.
More often, those who just want to be think about this question.
Be, not seem to be.
To be, and not to hide behind endless cases.
Or behind masks of false self-assertion.
Just be.
Don't try.
And to be.
Perhaps this is the key.
BE can only be YOURSELF.
And from this state - LOVE AND CREATE.
With meaning.

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Psychologist Session


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I am glad to welcome you to the site.

My name is Nadezhda.


I am a specialist in psychology at KNU. T.G. Shevchenko (2012), Master of Philosophy, ONU. I.I. Mechnikova (2021), PhD student at the Central Geographical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, psychoanalyst at the Kyiv School of Actualizing Psychoanalysis and Androgynous Analysis.

I help to better understand myself, my feelings and states, relationships, direction, values and meanings.

The method of philosophical psychoanalysis involves communication in the form of an ideological dialogue, the main task of which is the state of authenticity, inner freedom, self-confidence, which helps to unlock the potential. 

Understanding the interaction of inner masculinity and femininity allows you to work with a sense of loneliness, harmonize and deepen relationships. 

Injuries, on the basis of which psychological complexes are formed, lose their power of influence by realizing their unique meaning for personal growth, instead of obsessing over injustice and punishment. 

I work with a wide range of problems - from psychosomatics to intra-family conflicts, from the problem of choice to crisis situations, as well as with the need for self-realization and career guidance.

To guarantee positive results, I give art therapy tasks and recommendations.

I offer consultations in person and online.

Winner of the V All-Ukrainian competition of aphorisms in two categories.​ I effectively use aphorismotherapy in my practice (the author of the method is a psychoanalyst, prof., Doctor of Philosophy N.V. Khamitov), as well as a personal method - therapy with a philosophical novel and a story.  

The site contains some of my psychological and philosophical articles, essays, stories, parables and short stories, which I analyze together with the client. 

My values are respect for the individual, sensitivity, analytics, depth of work and an emphasis on unlocking potential. 

I will be sincerely glad to help you. 

What problems   contact me with

A person begins to live only when he manages to surpass himself. Albert Einstein

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States and sensations

Anxiety, irritability, uncertainty. 

Panic attacks. Psychosomatics.


Eating disorders: overeating, anorexia, bulimia.

Anxiety, phobias.

Feelings of guilt, insecurity.


Perfectionism. Procrastination.

The need to gain clarity in the situation.


Love addiction.  Psychological rehabilitation after divorce or separation.

"Cold" relationships: return  passion and interest, gain an understanding of how to develop relationships.

Difficulties in building relationships.

Fear of close relationships. 
Intra-family conflicts.

Difficult relationships with father, mother, brother/sister.
Feelings of loneliness in a relationship.
The need for mutual understanding in a couple.
Unrequited love.
The problem of choosing a life partner: doubts, distrust. 
The psychological type of the ideal partner. 
Balance of male and female.

Existential questions and crises

Loss of interest in achievements.

Search for love.

Searching for oneself: a question of potential and its realization.

The question of personal self-realization.

The need to understand yourself and your values. 



Losing the meaning of success.

Age crisis. 

Creative crisis.

Melancholy, longing.

Fear of death.

Meaning of life.

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Kyiv, st. Families Kristers, 18/6

Residential complex Warsaw microdistrict,  150m from RETROVILLE shopping center

 mob/telegram/viber +380632377772

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